Clare and our Greenspeed trike


Clare on right
Clare (on the right) at Tramlines Festival Sheffield

Clare Hands is 23 and has been cycling with Sheffield Cycling 4 All (SC4A) for around 5 years. 

‘Although I was born in Nottingham, I have only ever truly been home in Sheffield. 

My interests include Cycling, climbing, cooking, music and gigs, TV, and my dog.  

I am a wheelchair user with some long-term health issues.  

Cycling has had a very positive effect on my health – increasing strength. It is also very good for mental health as I enjoy being a part of something.’ 

When asked if Clare had plans to cycle in the future she said,  

‘I certainly hope so! If cycling is a viable option, then, as with climbing, I would [always] choose [to do] it.  

SC4A’s records started in 2017, and since then Clare has cycled 70 times, whenever her university schedule allows. 

Clare on a Greenspeed
Clare on a Greenspeed trike in Hillsborough Park

Clare has tried and liked some of our other trikes, like the Berkal and Hase Trigo Up, but her firm favourite is the Greenspeed. 

‘I need a recumbent trike for stability. It needs something of a speed limiter as I struggle to reach the handbrake. I need to be accompanied by someone who could suction my airways if necessary.’ 

The Greenspeed Trike is a great one to have at the sessions. It is stable, and the seat isn’t too low, so you can us about transport from a chair to it.  

The new Greenspeed has parking brakes, which means people can transfer independently. It is also slightly shorter than the original one, so we can now cater for different heights of people. 

Clare says, 

‘I have noticed a positive impact on my mental health and well-being as well as the satisfaction I get from each session.’   

Clare climbing at the Foundry
Clare climbing at the Foundry in Sheffield with Climbing 4 All. 

National Lottery questions.  

We asked Clare our monitoring questions and the answers are below. 

  • Have you been moving easily and feeling healthy?  


  • Have you been able to cycle for long periods of time?  


  • Have you been actively engaged with the SC4A community?  


  • Have you felt more confident and good about yourself?  


  • From talking to others at cycling, have you heard about services that I can access?  

My speech is indistinct and quiet due to my tracheostomy, so I don’t often talk to people who don’t know me.   

  • Have you been getting to know new people here?  

My speech is indistinct and quiet due to my tracheostomy, so I don’t often talk to people who don’t know me.