Consultation Summary 2023


We’ve been consulting with the SC4A community to find out: what is important to you, what we are doing well, what we could be doing better and where we want to go in the future.  

We heard from well over 100 people through workshops, surveys and at our 15th anniversary celebrations. Here’s what you said! 

Why is SC4A important to you… 

… because we support better physical health and mobility by providing an accessible means to exercise. Many of you told us it wouldn’t be possible to cycle without SC4A. 

A lot of people talked about our sessions promoting wellbeing. The activities are fun, you feel happy here, and enjoy socialising and meeting new people. It also motivates you to get out the house and you appreciate being outdoors in the park, getting some fresh air. 

Importantly, you feel free and independent on your cycle, it builds your confidence. You enjoy feeling in control and experiencing something fun and a bit risky in a safe way! 

What we’re doing well… 

You want us to keep doing things as we are at Hillsborough Park – the location is important to you, the affordable price, the large variety of cycles, and you like the staff and volunteers! You like the basic ethos of the project: the inclusive and friendly atmosphere, and the promotion of independence for cyclists. 

We know how important it is to you that we keep all this going. That’s why our focus right now is on securing core funding for at least another 5 years. We’re also aiming to create sustainable financial plan so we can keep going well into the future. 

What would make us better… 

You had lots of ideas, big and small, of things we could improve on. Some of these we can’t control, like the weather! But others we can – like having alternative plans for when we cancel at the park, and recruiting more volunteers, particularly pilots for the tandems. 

We are taking on board your feedback. Some of these changes will be quick and others will take time. We can’t promise to do them all, but we promise to do our best! 

New activities you want us to do in the future… 

And finally, you’ve shared lots of ideas for new things we can do in the future. The most popular ideas were: 

  1. Organise longer cycling trips in different places outside of the park 
  1. Start cycling sessions in more places across Sheffield and South Yorkshire  
  1. Open an inclusive cycling centre (which could be a place where people can cycle indoors, get hot drinks, and tuition for cycling and cycling maintenance) 

All these things will need funding too and may take time, but we can start planning for them now! We want to know how these things will work best for you so expect to hear more questions from us in time… 😊  

Tim and Judith
Tim and Judith at the consultation table at our 15th birthday party