Emily’s story

We first heard about Emily when we were approached by Nina from the Sheffield Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SHASBAH). She was looking for a bike that 9-year-old Emily could borrow so that she could take part in Bikeability cycle training at her school. Emily’s mum, Helen, said,

“I always try to get Emily involved in everything that the school does. Emily has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and struggles with mobility. I purchased a ‘normal’ bike and paid for some adjustments in the hope Emily would be able to use it but unfortunately this was not the case.”

When Nina contacted us, we suggested that our solo hand cycle might be suitable for Emily, however we were concerned that it might be too big for her. She came down to one of our sessions to try it out and was glad to find that the bike was a good fit. Emily had a great time riding on the hand cycle and also enjoyed riding together with her mum on the tandem hand cycle. Helen said,

“The visit to Sheffield Cycling 4 All was, in one, word – fantastic!! They made us feel so welcome, the staff were friendly, helpful, and made 2 nervous people feel fine and at ease.”

Nina picked up the bike and took it to Emily’s school,

“Her face lit up when she saw the bike turn up at school and she couldn’t wait till Monday to get started,” said Helen. “Bikeability was great, Emily loved every second on the bike, even using it at playtimes in school. It was all she could talk about, and how much she felt included.”

The family have plans to ride together at Sheffield Cycling 4 All sessions in the future and eventually would like Emily to have a hand cycle of her own.

“Can I say a massive thank you to all at Sheffield Cycling 4 All for making my daughters year, and for making a mum very proud of her little girl,” said Helen. “Without yourselves and Nina I don’t think this would’ve been possible. Emily says a big thank you for letting her borrow the bike to do as her friends do at school.”

If you are interested in our sessions, please email info@sheffieldcycling4all.org or contact Tom on 0792 2183 338.