Jenny’s Triride E-cycle loan experience. 

By Jenny, October 2022 

Thank you so much to Sheffield Cycling 4 All (SC4A) for loaning me the e-trike attachment and chair [Tribike Hybrid Plus). It’s been great to try it out. Here are some of the places I have tried out… 

Firstly there’s our trusty home Hillsborough Park! It was great to bring the dog and partner as I usually cycle with a carer on a side-by-side trike so it was great to be out as a family.

We also tried out Manvers lake to test a different terrain so that was nice and it wouldn’t have been accessible to me in my regular chair. 

I went to the Monsal Trail with my Dad and sister who I haven’t been able to get out with in a couple of years. I would definitely love to return here one day with other cyclists perhaps so I could go a bit faster and travel a bit further. We also made use of the cafe/pub as it’s thirsty work that cycling!

Then local again we got on the Trans Pennine trail. I tested out one of the motorbike bollards for size and could get through with pedals down but not up so may be tricky for someone whose hand pedals can’t be left in the down position and coast through.

All in all a nice mixture of places and great to be able to try them out as I would not have been able to easily without the trike attachment.

For more information about borrowing one of our e-cycles for free, follow this link –