Easy rider

⦁ Easy to get on and off
⦁ You are upright and visible
⦁ Very stable
⦁ Very comfortable seat
⦁ Low gears
⦁ Can carry your bag or walking stick on back
⦁ Max user weight 140kg or 22 stone.

Berkel bike

⦁ Can be used if you have no use in your legs
⦁ Pedal with hands and feet
⦁ Full body workout
⦁ Good range of gears
⦁ Comfortable position
⦁ Very lightweight

⦁ Max user weight 129kg or 20 stone

Draisin Semi Recumbent tricycle

⦁ Can brake with the pedals (backpedal brakes)
⦁ Comfy seat

Hand cycles / Hand cranks

  • No need to use legs!
  • Comfy seat
  • Solo and side-by-side versions are available

Hase Kettwiesel

⦁ Very comfortable seat
⦁ Relaxed position, quite low to the ground
⦁ It has 2 parking brakes so easy to get on and off
⦁ Very agile, smooth-riding
⦁ Can adjust for different people’s height
⦁ Suspension!
⦁ Max. load: 308 lb (140 kg)

Hase Trigo Up

⦁ Very comfortable seat
⦁ You are upright and visible
⦁ Very stable
⦁ Easy to get onto
⦁ Low gears
⦁ Can carry your bag or walking stick on back

Two-wheel tandems

⦁ Great for someone with visual impairment or someone who isn’t confident cycling alone on a 2-wheeler.

Side-by-side tandem

We have VanRaam Fun-2-Go side-by-side tandem trikes.

  • Chat as you ride!
  • Easy to sit on.
  • Comfortable adjustable seats with backrests and seat belts.
  • One person steers, both can pedal
  • Can make feet go around so people get used to the idea of cycling independently
  • Max weight on side by side 120kg

The Lowrider

  • Really cool chopper-style handlebars
  • Simple to use, no gears
  • Can brake by back pedalling
  • Fun to ride
  • A choice of different colours
  • Easily adjustable seat, so you can be 4’2 to 6’


⦁ Low to the ground
⦁ Steer from the hips
⦁ Comfy seat with a supportive high back
⦁ Can change pedals to ones with straps
⦁ Unique and comfortable ride
⦁ The higher, more upright seating position is preferable to some riders
⦁ Fun to ride and cool looking
⦁ 110kg max load