Ice adventure folding e-trike

⦁ Very comfortable seat

⦁ Folding (although doesnt fold up very small)

⦁ Very stable and easy to steer

The dimensions and weight are: 

Overall width – 33.4″–34.4″ (848mm-875mm)

Overall height – 29.9″-32.3″ (760mm-820mm)

Overall length – 66.9″-85.8″ (1700mm-2180mm)

Folded width – 34.4″ (875mm)

Folded height – 22.4″-29.9″ (570mm-760mm)

Folded length – 36.2″-43.7″ (920mm-1110mm)

Maximum weight 150kg (23 Stone) 

Max & min rider height – 6’4″ ish  to 5’1″ ish (Leg length plays a part)

Weight is approx. 23Kg with battery attached, 19Kg without

Click here to follow link to find out more info and see pictures of the trike.

Here is a video we made about the ICE Trike:

If you are interested in this trike then please email or contact Krysia on 07724 302308.

Person on ICE trike