Julius Vernon

Jules first came to visit Sheffield Cycling 4 All in April 2017 after an old friend, Caroline, suggested he come down to Hillsborough for a ride following an accident which resulted in multiple Disabilities.  

He soon signed up as a volunteer, helping to set up sessions and fit people with trikes, cycling with people and spreading the word about the group. He saw SC4A as a community which he was proud to be a part of. He was a great advocate for cycling and for the benefits that it brings. He once said,    

“Money can’t buy the wellbeing that I get out of this.” 

Jules always had time for everyone he met, and his warmth and kindness helped to make people feel welcome when they came cycling. He was always willing to do whatever needed doing in order to help out at cycling sessions and was incredibly enthusiastic about volunteering, 

“As soon as I came down I was hooked, absolutely – I said this is amazing, and I still feel the same now – It’s so rewarding just being down there”. 

“When I first came down to Sheffield Cycling 4 All I just immediately felt a sense of happiness and freedom – it was just so good for me and then actually being asked to volunteer was just incredible – once I started doing that it filled a gap in my life that i didn’t know was there”. 

“Because of my accident I owe the NHS so much and doing this for Disability Sheffield, it just makes total sense to me – it’s really, really helped my wellbeing coming down here”. 

Jules and Jamie on the MUGA
Jules and Jamie

When asked whether his involvement with Sheffield Cycling 4 All had increased his circle of friends, Jules said, 

“I’ve made new friends since being here, without a shadow of a doubt – it’s like a community – we’re all here for the same thing, that’s socialising, to get some exercise, and just to laugh and have fun” 

“It’s part of my social life I would say – it’s so nice making people smile – we’re all in it for the same thing and it’s such a good cause – It’s saved my life, it’s given me a purpose in life, and that’s quite a big deal. Everybody gets involved – it is like a big happy family who are out there for each other and to have a good time”. 

Caroline said “I have known Julius since he was 14, and when I spoke to him after his accident, I could tell he was in a rutt, the same as I had been, after my Brain injury. And am so very happy he came to try out Sheffield Cycling 4 All. He loved the people, and he often repeated, cycles are for hire. But love comes free“.

Sadly, Jules passed away in December 2022. We will miss his enthusiasm, his lovely smile, and his wicked sense of humour!