Oliver and Fiona

Oliver and Fiona Nov 2023
Oliver and Fiona Nov 2023 in park

Oliver loves playing on his Nintendo switch, watching YouTube, watching TV especially old comedies (current favourite is Gavin and Stacy – as has the whole DVD box set) and listening to music. Oliver has Learning disabilities and cerebral palsy. He previously has had blood clots in his leg, which is why regular exercise is so important and because of balance issues he is limited to what exercises he can do. He can weight bear with support and has a walking frame that he uses a couple of times a week to walk around parks, but uses a wheelchair to get everywhere, and when at home he crawls around. He lives with mum and partner, and has two carers to access community. 
Oliver comes to Sheffield cycling 4 All (SC4A) with one of his carers Fiona.  They started coming to SC4A about 6 years ago, and have been 155 times together. Fiona found cycling through an internet search. 

Oliver and Fiona
Oliver and Fiona on a side by side

They use our Van Ramm Fun-2-Go side by sides.  Fiona steers and brakes, and both Fiona and Oliver pedal.  Oliver’s pedals can be put in three different settings: 1. Pedals disengaged, 2. Pedal engaged, 3. Fixie style – Pedals move if the cycle is moving.  Fiona said ‘Oliver normally has setting 2, I usually let him cycle a bit on his own to really get his heart pumping and his muscles working! When he was recovering from his blood clots we used the settings where the pedals just go round [setting 1] and I certainly noticed the difference going up the hills!!’ 

Fiona said ‘Oliver enjoys the actual cycling but really enjoys meeting and talking to people, he looks forward to seeing regulars. He feels happy after going to a session, and never says he doesn’t want to cycle (unlike some other activities!). …We both really enjoy our sessions and missed it during COVID and appreciate Sheffield cycling 4 all staff and volunteers not sure what else to put!!  I enjoy cycling, notice that when we haven’t been for a few weeks our stamina and strength are worse! So definitely appreciate health benefits but also enjoy the company! Friendly welcome from staff, volunteers and other people using the service and Oliver is always included in conversations’. 

Oliver and Fiona at the top of the park
Oliver and Fiona at the top of the park in the shade